Buddy Rhodes Studio offers a variety of hands-on workshops for those interested in creating their own custom concrete projects. We’ve been offering classes for over 5 years and have trained hundreds of students. Attendees range from DIYers with no previous concrete experience to concrete professionals look to learn new skills. Here is a list of the classes we will be offering in 2013:

One Day Basics Workshop

In the one day Basics Workshop we will show students everything required to produce and finish a basic flat surface in a variety finishes, including hard trowelled, polished, and Buddy’s signature pressed finish.We will discuss the basics of templating and mold making, proper mixing techniques, placing concrete into the mold, de-molding, pasting, polishing and sealing. We will also discuss installations and ongoing maintenance of concrete. You will leave the class with the confidence to create your own countertop or simple project.This class is for anyone interested in fabricating basic concrete countertops or furniture pieces. No prior concrete experience is necessary and we encourage home-owners/DIY’ers to attend.There is a hands-on element to the class so please dress accordingly, including closed toed shoes and work clothes.

This class will begin at 9am and wraps up at approximately 4pm. Coffee will be served beginning at 8:30am, and a pizza lunch will be provides.  Cost of the workshop is $395/person, $350/person for 2, $300/person for groups of 3 or more. Sign up early as space is limited.

Three Day BRCP Comprehensive Workshop

If you want to learn multiple techniques and finishes, this is the class for you. The BR 3-day class gives each student a gloves-on experience in the creation of several projects. You will learn how to achieve a variety of finishes and use multiple techniques, including: right-side up hand trowelled (cast-in-place), polished (exposed aggregate), pour-and-vibrate, Buddy’s signature pressed-technique (done upside-down), and an introduction to the more advanced GFRC sprayed finish. Buddy and lead instructor, Nick Relampagos, have successfully operated their own businesses and will share their real world experiences. They will show you what pitfalls to avoid and how to maximize your chances to succeed with projects and business decisions. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience, as classes are kept small and individualized according to student needs. You will leave class with three full days of hands-on experience and see projects completed from design to installation.  

  • Continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks provided. 
  • Maximum number of students: 12
  • Class Notebook and Buddy Rhodes Concrete Style No.1 Book provided to each student.
  • 10% Discount on all Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products for one month post-class. 
  • Time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

$1200, $2370 for 2, $3348 for 3.

Watch the video to see what goes on in our 3-day classes:

4 Day Advanced Workshop: 3-D Mold Making

Expert instruction from award winning mold making master Nick Relampagos.

Designed for those with experience and are ready to take design and mold making skills to the next level. This class is project oriented and will take students through the following:

  • Designing molds using 3-D rendering software.
  • Making custom molds with rubber/fabric forming/plaster/fiberglass/curved materials
  • Projects will be fabricated using a variety of techniques, including:
    • GFRC Spraying
    • Pressed technique
    • Pour and Vibrate
  • Reinforcement options will be discussed
  • Installation

Trainer Nick Relampagos will be assisted by longtime Buddy Rhodes assistant Joshua Cruz to complete the expert team. Buddy Rhodes will join them as concrete artisan emeritus.

• Continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and snacks provided.
• Maximum number of students: 10
• Prerequisite: Concrete Countertop pre-casting experience.
• Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $1800