• Woodcrete

     We're excited to be working on a new fun Buddy Rhodes product line of modular planters and stool made of wood formed concrete.  Design your own configuration to make your garden unique!

    More to come...... stay tuned!

  • October training class

    Here's a picture from our just concluded 3-day comprehensive class at our shop in SF. We'll be offering a wider variety of classes for the coming year. Look for a TRAINING tab on the site soon listing upcoming training opportunities. 

  • GoPro Cast-in-Place Reception Desk

    Long weekend doing a cast-in-place reception desk at GoPro. These are the guys who make the mountable video camera's favored by the X-games crowd. Should be demolding and finishing this up later this week. 

  • Tile Project 10/16

    Just wrapped up a tile project for a client looking to replicate some 20 year old cindacrete tiles. Spot on color and texture match. Shipped out today. 

  • Recently unvieled SF Muni benches. Set of 5 benches/planters. When they were under wraps they were mistaken as flying saucers that had landed in the Haight.